Good and Bad Genes


Bad vs Good genes

Each generation is a filter, a sieve: good genes tend to fall through the sieve into the next generation; bad genes tend to end up in bodies that die young or without reproducing.
- Richard Dawkins, River out of Eden.


The ‘because of’ syndrome

Asking ‘why’ is an important trait we have. An equally common trait is answering that question with a ‘because of’ reason. This ‘because of’ answer is, I assume, is a typical homocentric way of thinking.

As important as this way of thinking is, when it comes to our origins, it is a syndrome we all, including evolutionary scientists should a best avoid without propper qualification.


Notes on Darwin

Some notes on Charles Darwin and the development of the Theory of Natural Selection.

Servaas de Kock

It is often assumed that great men work in isolation and that great work came forth in an instant of brilliance. A moment of brilliance. Eureka! It is not the case in general.


One Life

The being may terminate, but what about life?

There really is just one life. As amazing as it seems one has just to contemplate the following to understand it.


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