To lock sometimes

Otto has this obsession with toilets. Not that scatology is a fetish he indulges in. No, on the contrary, being a pig he is really concerned about the state of his abode. Spending most of his time in the confines of a pigsty he knows very well the difference between filth and a mess. Unlike others of his clan he steers clear of filth and flies while wallowing in his own mess.


Mr Kane goes to Zim 2

Mr Kane claimed he did not get what he wanted in Zimbabwe, could hardly make a dent in their armour, but he did bring us a story back. Perhaps he is not telling us the whole truth, Otto speculates


Mr Kane’s Story of Promise

Saturday night Mr Kane was sitting on the veranda of the hotel at Vic Falls. He’s not one for casino’s without his top hat he discovered. He had picked up a chat with two fellow conference goers. The one a good, honest farmer type young man who had recently taken over the tobacco farm from his farther. He still believed in the future of farming in Zimbabwe. Perhaps he needed a priest.



Promise a Story

Otto often wonders about the “xxx” people so readily end their communication with.

With Promise clinging on an arm, Mr Kane is quick to see possibilities: Yes,  I often wondered about the “G’s” some nerds like to end their email with. What do they mean?


Mr Kane goes to Zim

Otto noticed that Mr Kane was getting restless. Mindlessly playing around with his collection of hats.

Mr Kane wanted to go to Zimbabwe. Help out a little. With so many people in despair he is bound to pick up something extraordinary, he reckons. Score while adding a little to the local economy. He bargains on a fair price. The need and what not, and besides, between negotiation and actual paying, he foresees that he’ll actually pay less for the same thing. He is not a man that pays for a job half done.



Sunday morning coming down

The small ray of sunlight through grey rain clouds bites his eyes in the vacant space of the diner outside the motel.  Mr Kane translates a poem from someone he knows well. Plagiarises the words shamelessly:



The sounds of fish
and meat spread
beat up the dark

over orange juice
that chokes the throat
and self-conscious


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