Public Works

Otto is not a political animal – He wallows around in a styl and is used to the tail-end of life. He is apolitical. He despises their parasitic existence and leach-like habits. But he cannot accept the incompetence of bureaucracy and the glib self-importance with which politicians pretend to serve the public. A big car, fancy suite, fat face, designer shoes all paid for by his constituency. And stranger than fiction we still look up to this fat man in his shiny car on the other side of our squalled pigsty and feel good at shaking his sweaty paw – if we can just get it. So busy sidestepping the mess left in his wake, he would not even kiss our child because of the dried snot, or shake our hand because it is not disinfected. But we like him and we will vote for the right colors – reading we can no more.

Otto found this horrid story of inefficacy and dedicate it to all the lazy, fat-ass, politicians, who does not care a hoot about the education of a child. Gee, how does he sleep – well, pumped up with Courvoisier from the State coffers and Hennessey from expense account.


Public Works 2

he provincial Department budgeted for a new school, and identified an ideal piece of land for the purpose, belonging to the national Department of Public Works. The Province then approached the national Department and formally requested a transfer of the land to start construction as soon as possible.

However, three years later, we are still waiting for an answer. During this time there have been three different national Ministers of Public Works: Geoff Doidge, Gwen Mahlangu-Nkabinde and Thulas Nxesi. While Ministers changed, the Department’s characteristic unresponsiveness and inefficiencies endured.



Otto tries to think straight. He is so dissapointed in the ANC he feels like loosing his breakfast in public…out of the seventh floor window of the Luthuli House with Sauer street people small as rats.

The HRC have shown its lack of rational conclusions . The ANCYL its lack of dissipline.– The ANC its lack of ethics and principles . The President his lack of leadership.


State of Affairs - a follow-up

I am happy to report that from the beginning of this school term, the school bus is in operation. After more than five years of battling with the department, the school bus is collecting and delivering the kids as it should.


Yet, I am still to receive a single response for all the messages left at the Department over a period of three months.


State of Affairs

Otto sighs, a burden of truth weighing down on him: OK, don’t  believe me...

Since March 2003 I have been trying to get the school bus to come some 5 km closer so that the daily routine for some 12 children of our community could be improved.

In winter the cold dark wet dirt road in the morning and in summer the hot dusty road in the afternoon is a hazard for any young kid, especially a 1st-grader.



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