Lucky me

“Oh, all these “luck” coming your way should be proof that Someone has a plan with you,” Vicki says smiling. “You should have been dead by now...many times over, as I can deduce from your talking. Or is it just all bullshit?” She has a way of winking when she talks pleasantly. It is a habit that adds more meaning to her words. It is sub-text in person.

“Apart from the amazing things the vet did to save you after you were run over by that crazy women in her adulterous husband’s truck, you have managed countless times to skip the landlords carving knife. Is that not proof to you that things are planned from a Higher Source.” She winks beautifully as is her habit. “Is it not time to think about it, eh?”

For a brief second he remembers one night cramped up in the back of a small car with Vicki and others. His hand far up under her dress. He was always one for challenges. He was testing the water he struck.

Vicki knows his attitude towards such esoteric things. It does not prevent her to remind him from time to time of “proof” she sees around...and in him.

“Will one day explain my philosophy on such matters in detail,” Otto mutters. “If I can just stay alive long enough. Meantime these pages gives a fair understanding. We are all complicated beasts. It takes a lifetime to “read” another’s “book” because all the time you a busy writing yours.”.

Mr Kane takes off his top hat, changes his graying  toupée to a youthful brunette, and puts on a favorite beaver-tailed Davy Crocket. Mr Kane is frustrated. He wants to go out to the woods and shoot boors. Why?

Otto is just a pig, and one day when he cannot avoid his calling in life anymore, hanging from a meat hook at a butcher shop, he will be judged by the fat on his body. His weight without his gut will be important, but the thickness of the fat, will determine the grade. His total net worth, the product of it. He has so little to offer.

That is why he never raised the “car-thing” with Vicki again. He had questions, but could not handle the expected answers, and besides, why ruin a beautiful he did countless times before with probing questions...

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