Most recent "thoughts of the day" on top – rest of the time I’m blank.


- THOUGHT is the coal; TALK crystalizes coal to diamonds or turns to ash.

- The quality of junk is forever improving.

- In nature, change comes before function.

- There is no post traumatic stress in death.

- Wat beter kan, moet.
   (What can be done beter, must. An OCD-nightmare)

- You don’t put sugar in your whiskey, do you?


- One should never underestimate the power of vested interest.


- The difference is what people will do for you, and what they will do for your money. 2009.


- An ape without a tail is a dodo.


- Tell children what to do, not only when it has impact on your life.


- "Childishness" never disappears, it just becomes more difficult to hide with age.


- "If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it." -- Jonathan Winters, American comedian, born 11/11/1925


- As sy gatvere begin wys, word die oumense bang.
   (The parents worry when their teenage daughter becomes of age.)

- The female of the human species has been genetically selected to accept their fate in the interest of their offspring.


- You can predict change, but...


- You cannot predict the consequences of change.


- Cruelty is only limited by the mind.


- Hoe meer kennis die wetenskap bring, hoe meer wetenskaplik word die onkunde.
    (The more knowledge from science, the more scientific the ignorance) 


- Jy het nie bestaansreg nie. – jy bestaan omdat jou stelsels reg werk en omdat jy baie gelukkig is.
    (You do not have any right to existence – you exist purely because your systems work and have been lucky thus far. )

- Nothing optimizes like optimism.


- Give a man a fish and he will sue because he is allergic to seafood.


- Nothing propinqs like propinquity. – Robert Ardrey



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