- Discretion is an attribute of few modern women or men - and they go into high paid jobs: politics, judiciary, big business, etc. or simply suffer in silence.


- If you know your job, you work in parallel;
     If you don't know what to do, you work in series.
- The most important attribute of Life is to overcome its own disintegration.


- You cannot always revisit an error.


- Doubt before belief - Question before conviction.


- You cannot know the way you have not walked.


- There is no such thing as justice, only justification.


- You cannot touch the heart of a man to make him succeed in a situation where others will fail. He has it within him. (SADF Special Forces Training officer on TV 30/1/99)


- "Ons kan saam sing, maar ons kan nie saam praat nie." Joseph Skosana, 2009
 ("We can sing together, but we cannot talk together")
- He who hides his incompetence behind aggression has no friends - only frightened children.


- If I can't eat you, I'll compete with you.


- "Trust everyone! Just don't trust the devil inside them." Donald Sutherland - The Italian Job.


- If things are not predictable, you do not understand the process


- It is easy to command a ship in calm waters.


- War drives technology - technology drives war.


- Godsdiens is daar om kinders mee bang te maak en ou mense te troos.
     (Religion serves only to frighten children with, and to comfort the aged.)


- Animation is irritating to the mind - unless it imitates sex or eating.


- Daar is meer aan die lewe as die ritmiese bewe wat na skepping strewe....
   (Ja, ek weet, Mev Dr.... eet en slaap ook.) Directly translated: There are more to life than the rhythmic trembling seeking to procreate.
   ( Yes, Mrs Dr, eating and sleeping also.)


- Give a man bread and he'll live, but give him something to read, and he might get a life.


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